Welcome to Devon, England

Devon is a real jewel on 6,707km2 with around 1.15 million inhabitants right on the border with the famous neighbouring county of Cornwall. Devon has two separate coastlines with magnificent cliffs, both of which are part of the British Heritage Coast. 

Devon is best known for its gigantic national parks Dartmoor and Exmoor, the picturesque hills and picturesque fishing villages. England appears old, wild and pristine here with bizarrely shaped granite formations and mystical wide landscapes, sometimes in lush green, then again yellow, brown adorned with rocks and stones.

And now a part of this beautiful country is also yours: Welcome to Devon, England.

And there you will find your plot

Your piece of land is located in the county of Devon on the southwest coast of England. More precisely, it is located in the historic area of Holsworthy Hamlets, not far from the small town of Holsworthy. From this small town with typical British flair, you drive along the avenue-lined Trewyn Road in the direction of East Youldon Farm. After about 3 km you will reach the piece of land on the right hand side. On these lush, evergreen meadows, lined with ancient trees, you can literally breathe in England's eventful history.

The geo data is: 50°51'00.4″N 4°22'46.1″W and the plot is 195 sqm / 0.048 acres in size.

On the map you can see exactly where the property is located:

Ireland is an experience in any weather

Chillsworthy WEATHER

This is what it looks like on your property

Gently nestled in former farmland, the property with the official number B12b stretches over almost 200 m2. Only about 10 miles from your piece of land lies the fishing village of Bude and only 3 miles further along the coast you reach one of the most beautiful beaches in England "Widemouth Bay". Devon also has a lot to offer culturally. Besides many remarkable buildings, the Norman cathedral in the capital Exeter stands out in particular.

There is always something to do...

The land is waiting for you and invites you to stay,

the GPS data will show you the exact way.

Great trip

When you are on your property,

you can also spend the night there.

Starry nights = happiness

Just put your feet up, read a good book and

enjoy the untouched nature.

Life is beautiful

A picnic on your own piece of land

is good for the soul & puts you in a good mood.

Happiness is a choice

Explore the nearby surroundings, get to know nice people and

visit the sights.

The world is sooo beautiful

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