Welcome to the Chontachaka Ecological Reserve

Your Amazon rainforest land is located in the Chontachaka Nature Reserve in Peru. 

The Asociación Civil Reserva Ecológica Chontachaka is an ecological, environmentally friendly and non-profit organisation. Its goal is to work for the protection and conservation of the Amazon forest and all the creatures that inhabit it.

The Chontachaka Ecological Reserve is formed by professionals, staff, volunteers and, above all, nature lovers. All members have experience in areas such as ecology, health or education. They are people who have been involved with the wonderful world of the Amazon rainforest for years and for different reasons.

And now a piece of this beautiful rainforest also belongs to you: Welcome

And there you will find your plot

Your property is located in Peru between the Peruvian capital Lima and the Bolivian city of La Paz.

Geo data are: 13°01'48.5″S 71°28'58.8″W and our HappyLandGifts property is 10,000 square metres in total. 

On the map you can see exactly where the property is located

The rainforest is an experience in any weather

Ecological reserve Chontachaka | Cusco| Peru WEATHER

This is what it looks like on your property

The following pictures give you an impression of what your rainforest plot looks like. 

You can also visit your rainforest, stay in a lodge and go on excursions through the rainforest. You can find more information at: https://ecologiaperumanu.com/en

There is always something to do...

The land is waiting for you and invites you to stay,

the GPS data will show you the exact way.

Great trip

When you are on your property,

you can also spend the night there.

Starry nights = happiness

Just put your feet up, read a good book and

enjoy the untouched nature.

Life is beautiful

A picnic on your own piece of land

is good for the soul & puts you in a good mood.

Happiness is a choice

Explore the nearby surroundings, get to know nice people and

visit the sights.

The world is sooo beautiful

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