Welcome to Italy

The Italian joie de vivre is legendary and you immediately feel welcome in the land of pizza, pasta, olives and very good wine. Culture and the Mediterranean way of life make Italy a worldwide centre of attraction. Approximately 60 million people live in Italy (as of 2020). 

And now a piece of this beautiful country also belongs to you: Welcome!

And there you will find your plot

Your property is located in Tuscany, about 200 km north of Rome and 85 km southwest of Siena. The property is spacious and embedded in a hilly Mediterranean landscape. In the summer months, please remember to bring plenty of water, as it gets quite warm. In the adjacent medieval village of Caldana there are, of course, opportunities to stop for a bite to eat in romantic restaurants. Everything else you need is available in the nearby supermarket. The medieval town of Grossetto is definitely worth a visit and in about 20 minutes you are already on a beautiful Mediterranean beach.

Geo data are: 42°53'47.2″N 10°55'32.2″E and the plot is 2979 square meters. 

On the map you can see exactly where the property is located:

Italy is an experience in any weather


This is what it looks like on your property

Beautiful nature, Mediterranean food, summer temperatures and wonderful people can be experienced in Italy every day and there is always something new to discover. Not far from the property is a small village where you can get everything to feel comfortable. The property is called 'Lot 55 & Lot 639' and is easy to find by following the site plan.

There is always something to do...

The land is waiting for you and invites you to stay,

the GPS data will show you the exact way.

Great trip

When you are on your property,

you can also spend the night there.

Starry nights = happiness

Just put your feet up, read a good book and

enjoy the untouched nature.

Life is beautiful

A picnic on your own piece of land

is good for the soul & puts you in a good mood.

Happiness is a choice

Explore the nearby surroundings, get to know nice people and

visit the sights.

The world is sooo beautiful

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