Welcome to Brittany, France

France, in western Europe, is a country of medieval towns, mountain villages and Mediterranean beaches. The capital, Paris, is considered a premier fashion and cultural centre. Besides classic art museums like the Louvre, landmarks like the Eiffel Tower are also located here. 

The country is also known for its wines and refined cuisine. Ancient paintings in the Lascaux cave are evidence of France's rich history, as is the Roman theatre in Lyon or the magnificent Versailles Palace.

And now a part of this beautiful country also belongs to you: Welcome to France

And there you will find your plot

Your property is located near the small village of Monteneuf. Monteneuf is located about 60km southwest of Rennes, the capital of Brittany. The area around Monteneuf is known for its numerous menhirs - also called 'menhirs'. Menhirs are elongated single stones, which were put upright by people in prehistoric times - and play an important role in Asterix and Obelix.

The geo data are: 47°52'13.2″N 2°10'10.4″W and the property is 800 sqm / 0.2 acres in size.
On the map you can see exactly where the property is located:

Ireland is an experience in any weather


This is what it looks like on your property

The property is located in beautiful Brittany. The most north-western region of France is a hilly peninsula jutting into the Atlantic Ocean. A rugged coastline offers the best conditions for romantic beach walks and unforgettable sunsets.

In Brittany, many interesting places are waiting to be discovered - like walled Saint-Malo, built on rocks in the English Channel.

There is always something to do...

The land is waiting for you and invites you to stay,

the GPS data will show you the exact way.

Great trip

When you are on your property,

you can also spend the night there.

Starry nights = happiness

Just put your feet up, read a good book and

enjoy the untouched nature.

Life is beautiful

A picnic on your own piece of land

is good for the soul & puts you in a good mood.

Happiness is a choice

Explore the nearby surroundings, get to know nice people and

visit the sights.

The world is sooo beautiful

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